The Björk Cube


When I started coding on PC, I made a lot of texture mappers. Some of them were optimized for 486, others for Pentium, some with linear interpolation, some with perfect mapping, some of them for paletized modes, some for 16 or 32 bits modes, some for 256*256 textures, some others for arbitrary sized textures, etc, etc, etc, etc. I think I wrote (without even exagerating) about 50 different texture mappers in my life – most of them in assembly. The Björk Cube was one of my early try. This is just a 3D cube mapped with one different texture in each face. It was quite big, and I used realtime delta-compression to update the screen instead of clearing it with a background picture (because it was time consuming on my 486 !).

You can download it but WARNING !! This is an old program which only runs in pure DOS mode.


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