This demo featured some interesting effects I had been writing on PC for some years. The first one was the sequel to Nooon’s famous bee in Stars (a mesh which was supposed to have an excessive number of faces, by this time). I recoded my own bee, with even more faces, and a lot of people had their jaws dropping while seeing that one. As a matter of facts, the original mesh was made of 36745 faces, and displayed (metal shaded) on my 486 at 60Hz – remember, all of that was in software… You guessed it, there was a hack. I actually used a premature form of IBR (Image Based Rendering) to get a decent speed. Apart from that, we had extremely fast texture mapping routines, using linear interpolation and self-modifying code – which was still a win on 486. We made some tests with fake phong, environment mapping, etc. We also had cute 2D effects which just can’t be described, and cute graphics (teddybears, fairy, elf…)


You can download the demo, but WARNING ! That kind of old-fashioned programs only run in pure DOS mode…..

Click here to check out this demo on Pouet.



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