I am an Icelander


Ok I’m lying, I’m French. But I’m fond of scandinavian countries, and among them Iceland is my all-time favorite. I was for a while a member of the editorial staff of Etoile-Polaire, a french association which has interested in Iceland and icelandic culture and music. We took part in some music festivals, radio and TV events, organized photographs exhibition and even sold records at the Route Du Rock 96 and 97.

I went to Iceland for the Airwaves festival 2001. There's a report in french available here....

And here's the proof I went to the Blue Lagoon ! (I'm on the right, in the foreground)


More about that later...


Icelandic is easy :

"An example: Vadlaheidavegavinnuverkfaeramannaskúrslykill. Try running that word through your spell checker. How’s a gringo like myself supposed to pronounce that cyclone. Come on, I often write paragraphs shorter than this word.

Like this one.

So, what does Vadlaheidavegavinnuverkfaeramannaskúrslykill (say that seven times as fast as you can with a mouthful of crackers) actually mean. Let’s break it down.

“Vadlaheidi” is a place up north, “vegavinnu” means making roads, “verkfaeri” are working tools, a “manna” is a working man, “skúr” is a cabin, and finally, “lykill” is a key. Ah, take a deep breath.

So the mouthful of letters, according to Thordis, stands for the key for the cabin for the men who make the roads at this place up north called Vadlaheidi. Amen."