Japtro !


The Japanese Dentro ! …well, we were quite fond of manga-related stuff…

Released at the Saturne Party II, our biggest Atari ST demo featured a lot of extremely perverted coding. There was everything, in big. Big pictures I drew wider than an overscan screen (!), big 3D, big figures. Four disks. Overscan pics. Overscan codes. Overscan 3D. Overscan tunnel made of 4000 dots, fractal landscape made of 12100 dots, overscan vectorballs where each ball was a dot sphere, and so on, and so on. Can’t summarize that monster.

Here are some snapshots taken from Pacifist, but unfortunately Pacifist can’t run our overscan screens, so you’ll miss most of our work…. Some extra snapshots from STEEM are available. You an also check out the demo on Pouet.