Rising Force


A nice one written for the Crystal Summer Convention II.

Featured : rotating starfield in overscan adapted from Sanity’s Interference on Amiga, tons of little cubes in overscan, our first classy dot-tunnel, always in overscan. Following was a text zoomer, a dot sphere, and a thing called Vectorblast mixing a 3D ground, a big 3D cube and a 3D flexiscroller. Next there was an overscan version of Phenomena’s Obvious Disaster scroller (on a simple Atari STF, that was something !). The next hardcore bit was my first fractal landscape ever. Since that day, I’m addicted. There’s nothing I like more than fractal terrains. That one featured 4096 dots in 16 colors, and I loved it. Next one ? An Atari adaptation of an effect in Tough Enough by Crusaders, involving some realtime convex hull computation. Last but not least, I added a 4 bitplanes, source lighted, texture mapped rubber 3D cube running at full frame rate ! Sounds weird nowadays, but on that 8Mhz machine where just clearing the whole screen took half the CPU time available, that was very nice ! (…and quite hacked by the way)

Here are some snapshots taken from Pacifist, but unfortunately Pacifist can’t run our overscan screens, so you’ll miss most of our work…. Some extra snapshots from STEEM are available. You can also check out the demo on Pouet.