Z-Collide was my first collision detection library, built on top of ICE. I did this when discovering the world of collision detection, trying to re-implement pretty much all the CD algorithms I could see in the litterature - and to improve them while I was at it. Nowadays, it is slightly obsolete.


Old demo: the cube hell !

Click here for a screenshot. 


Last version:

Z-Collide :

Regarding OBB trees, Z-Collide is similar to V-Collide in spirit, but it’s much more efficient :

Regarding GJK and separating vectors, Z-Collide is similar to Q-Collide, but also shares similarities with Van Den Bergen and Cameron's GJK implementations:


Original version :

The old first demo is still available here, but that one only includes the early OBB-trees.



Green bounding boxes aren't colliding (not on the pic)

Red bounding boxes are colliding, but the objects aren't.

Yellow bounding boxes are colliding, and the objects as well.

Colliding faces are marked as white.