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Website down

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

The website has been down for a month. I was busy and didn’t notice. Reason is explained below.

I have no time for this crap so I just removed the file.

No comments.


I am sorry to inform you that your account has been suspended for creating excessive server load that has affected other customers. The file causing the issue is:


You will either need to remove these files, limit access to them or block some of the IP addresses that are repeatedly accessing these files. Your access logs are located in your stats directory and you can use these to analyse the traffic to your site.

If you find that the traffic is genuine, we recommend moving your website to a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

If the traffic appears to be suspicious, we suggest blocking those suspicious IP’s through an .htaccess file; the ‘.htaccess editor’ tools will allow you do to so. This will allow you to control how much, and what kind of traffic gets to the files in question.

Please let us know the exact steps you have taken to address this issue so that we can then reevaluate the suspension of your account.

Kurt B.
Technical Support”

A tribute to…

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

I am so (not) funny. Didn’t even remember I wrote that piece of dialog in KP….

Funny... not

Funny... not

Mind-controlled Oni

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Just found this… WTF…

KP Release, November 2010

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Ok, time for a new KP release:

It contains the “Konoko HD” seen in the previous post, the Lara Croft character, tons of bug fixes and new content in the main game (that underground compound now has some 4000 meshes for a total of about 600.000 faces).

It takes me 26 to 28 minutes to “do everything” in the main game, and that’s when I skip all the dialogs and I know exactly what to do in what order. Still far from a real game but a lot better than previous releases. For now the game “ends” when you complete the side mission given by the scientist in the Xenolab (or, depending on what you did, it “ends” when you manage to reach the room directly above the “machine room”). Note that it doesn’t really “end”, you just reach the point where there’s nothing left to see/do in the level.

Stay tuned, there’s much more in the pipeline!

…if only it wouldn’t take years to work on that :)

EDIT: WTF, WTF, WTF! I’m tired of this BS. This probably falls again in the “Globat sucks” category. For some reason the link is broken and I have no idea why. I *did* download that file yesterday to make sure it was working. And today the link is broken. I can see the file in FileZilla, I re-uploaded it, I uploaded it to a different location, and still I can’t access it and I get a 404 trying to download it. WTF I hate internet. Sorry guys I have zero idea what’s going on. Any clue anybody?

Konoko HD

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

The guys at Oni Central did it again… It takes a lot to impress me but I’m constantly baffled by what those people manage to pull out. Anyway this time one of them created a gorgeous HD version of Konoko. Check it out in the screenshots below! (click on thumbnails to load a larger image). In those pics you can also see some of the levels/rooms I’ve been working on recently.

Lockers room and fight in “depot 03″:

The new Xeno-biology lab:

Running lariat in the xeno-lab:

The new “machine room”:

Pistol disarm in the corridors:

Misc throws & weapons poses:

Lara Croft in Konoko Payne

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

The amazing hackers at ONI Central did it again, and recently added a Lara Croft model to Oni. So I ran OniSplit on their patch, which created a dat/raw Oni-level file, on which I ran my old Oni-Breaker, and tadaaaa! Presto, here’s Lara Croft in Konoko Payne. Yay.

If you want to try it out in the last KP release, here’s a small patch. I imagine anybody interested will figure out what to do with it (and if not, you don’t deserve it :))

KP - April 2010

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010


Gravity gun quicktest

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Here’s a quick test for adding a gravity gun to KP.

- run the exe

- select “Developer => Load test level => GravityGunTest” (the only level included in this release anyway)

- pick up the gravity gun in front of you when the game starts. The console in your back gives some additional instructions.

Very quick test put together in one week-end, there are some bugs, etc. Just to have something to post… not much time for anything those days.

Konoko Payne - august 2009 release

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Here is another Konoko Payne release. The last one before moving back to Switzerland! The main change is that pathfinding is now performed via the Recast & Detour library. It’s just the initial implementation, so you may expect some troubles.


  • added achievement stack, to make sure 2 achievements can happen at the same time
  • added “friendly fire” achievement (make a sniper kill a NPC)
  • “devil kick” achievement now unlocked when performed on 3 enemies
  • disabled target lock on thrown characters
  • Barabas: “stronger & stronger” sound is now interrupted if Barabas gets thrown
  • it should now be possible to select the arrow keys for motion
  • removed a lot of duplicate textures on characters
  • disabled raycasts on invisible “cubes” around characters
  • added trail on “COMCOMPunchHeavy” anim
  • used new textures from Severed (there’s an option in the menu)
  • the BV when in crouch but with a firearm should be a bit bigger, to avoid going completely through barriers => we now automatically switch off the weapon
  • some transitions are now banned when in “locked crouch”, e.g. inside a ventilation duct
  • added support for “multiple surface sounds” per texture
  • added “ONI” sprites with shadows on title page
  • weapon is now dropped from correct height in crouch mode
  • added “dash” à la ONI
  • implemented Skybox culling
  • “steady cam” is now the default/preferred camera model
  • the jumping gravity should look more like ONI’s now
  • fixed camera rots for NPCs in jump anims
  • fixed crash when selecting “End game”
  • added ESC menu
  • fixed bug when enabling inventory while there’s an impending intercom
  • walljump is now possible a tiny bit longer against a wall
  • added “land hard” anim for side wall jumps
  • if killed while platform sound is on, it doesn’t stop when restarting from checkpoint <== should now be fixed
  • optimized file loading (binary state machine files, music streaming, better file management, etc)
  • some attacks from Elite Striker should have a fixed rotation => done
  • running and jumping constantly should work better now
  • added message from Shinatama when helipad platform goes down
  • added two new combos
  • there is now an option to disable “attack buffering”
  • switched from PathEngine to Recast. The prototype and the game level should now have better navigation meshes. On the other hand pathfinding against dynamic obstacles may not work anymore.

More Recast notes

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Played a bit more with Recast. It rocks so far.

I wonder if I could use the Recast nav-mesh with PathEngine?? Sounds like best of both worlds if Detour has some limitations. For example I don’t know yet if it handles dynamic obstacles very well.

The world is cut into several regions connected by portals. I think I will end up generating one nav-mesh per region. Then if a pathfinding query goes from point Pa in region Ra to point Pb in region Pb, I can always split the query into several sub-queries: first from Pa to the portal connecting Ra and Rb, then from the portal to Pb. Or maybe Recast’s “tiled” mode can do the trick directly.

Not sure how to handle moving platforms yet. cialis