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Wordpress export…. not

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

One more minus point for Wordpress. It doesn’t even export the whole blog successfully. It just exports most of it, and then the XML file just stops in the middle, ignoring like the dozen last posts. Tried again and again in vain.

So let me recap my blog experience so far:

- it got my main website hacked

- the spam keeps coming even with reCAPTCHA installed

- the spam keeps coming to posts where I explicitely closed the comments (!)

- it’s extremely slow to do anything with the available online tools

- Globat tried to use my credit card number for an automatic renewal even though I despise them:

“As per our previous notice, today we have processed your invoice
XXXXXXX in the amount of $95.40 and the charge
to your credit card came back as DECLINED. We will attempt to bill your
card again in five days. If the charge is declined again, your hosting
account will be subject to immediate suspension resulting in
interruption of service and an additional $30 fee.”

Of course it came back as declined, I blocked it against you, suckers. Oh, and they sent me this 21 days ago, so even for this they’re unreliable.

- and now it looks like I can’t export the blog to move to a saner placer.

This is just ridiculous, I don’t have time for this BS. cialis