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In Time

Monday, July 16th, 2012

I recently watched “In Time“, that sci-fi movie with Justin Timberlake. The main concept in that movie is that time is the new currency: you don’t pay with money or gold, you pay with a little bit of your lifetime. And I immediately thought, “wait a minute… this reminds me of something…”

I knew exactly when and where I had seen that before: in Mandrake. When I was a kid. In Le Journal de Mickey. Believe it or not, they had exactly the same concept there, in that short story published in 1982.

A trip to my mother’s place and a quick search in the basement revealed the following pages (click on them for larger versions). I have been completely unable to find a trace of this story online - if somebody knows its name or when and where it’s been originally published, please tell me. cialis