Choice Of Gods


We packed a lot of things there, basically all we had learnt since 1989. That includes :

flushing the system out, disassembling the Line A, using all possible byte of available memory, directly loading from & writing to the disk sectors, starfields, soundtrackers, realtime 3D vectors (wireframe and solid), delta-packed flat polygons, 3D flexi-scrollers (never ever seen before on ST), sprites, self-generating and self-modifying code, sprites in overscan, 3D in overscan, realtime zoomer in overscan… We wrote an overscan code integrator, so we used it a lot…. What else ? Soundchips of course, but also the standard scrollers and rasters, quite unusual vertical and twisted rasters, and all the usual stuff you could find in Atari ST demos some years ago. We also loved the hardcore way, or how to mix overscan, ‘software’ hardscrolling, 3D, everything. Ah ! Coding on ST was an incredible experience. By the way, all our demos respected the ‘one vbl rule’. That is, it must run at 50 Hz.

Here are some snapshots taken from Pacifist, but unfortunately Pacifist can’t run our overscan screens, so you’ll miss most of our work…. Some extra snapshots from STEEM are available. You can check out the demo on Pouet. And finally here you can find some of the source code.

....uh... apparently a mad guy uploaded a video of one of the screens on YouTube ?!