NovodeX is a brand new Swiss company involved in game development technology. They provide services similar to MathEngine and Havok. The core engine is based on Adam Moravanszky's "Corpus" demo. Old GD-Algorithms subscribers know what I'm talking about ! They probably also know from all the threads that the code is robust...

In mid-2002 I created a format plug-in for Flexporter, to export scenes from MAX to their Steel SDK. That's what we used to create their Monster Truck demo (below), for example.

I also wrote a tutorial for this plug-in :

Creating joints for the NovodeX MAX exporter

You can also download MAX scenes for this tutorial. They are MAX 4 files.



In 2003 I joined Novodex and moved to Zürich. Since then I have been working with Adam on the Novodex SDK. The company later got acquired by AGEIA.


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