Last update : June, 3, 2003




Flexporter is a free utility plug-in for 3D Studio MAX, designed to easily export a lot of information out of it.

Features :



Version 1.17b

Version 1.16

People at Game Institute may need those ones:

Version 1.06

Version 1.04


Check the Options I'm using if you want to read some files with Ice or Flexine...


Related stuff :

- Flexporter mailing list

- Consolidation code


I am still working on Flexporter from time to time, but this project is not officially supported anymore. I do not plan another future public release. On the other hand, the source code is now freely available.




                 Right: the scene in MAX 3.1 Left: the flexported replayed scene in ICE.


Pierre Terdiman 2000-2003


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