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You're right.

This is Konoko, indeed.

Directly hacked out of ONI from Bungie, one of my favorite PC games despite some major flaws. That game frustrated me as much as I enjoyed playing it - read: a hell of a lot. So as a revenge I took the liberty to hack my way through the file format, cut the whole thing to pieces, and here's my new pet project: Konoko Payne !! That is, ONI with the swell moves + a bullet-time mode (absolutely compulsory for such a game!) + all the special graphic stuff we like, and which aren't in the original game (shadows, shaders, more polygons in characters, yadayada).

Ok, they took years to complete both ONI and Max Payne so let's say I'll need, well, 10 years to recode them all alone :) Meanwhile, that ONI breaker is responsible for the savage rip. Trust me, it was painful.


Anyway the cool thing about Flexine is that I can subdivide the models on-the-fly as much as needed - a good thing since the original models are quite low poly. Here's for example:

Konoko Butterfly-subdivided

Same shot in wireframe

Ahem, work in progress !


More snapshots :

You should see that baby movin'

My current wallpaper!

Not bored yet ?

Another one........


You can also download a quick Konoko test, to check some of the moves.


Added some motion blur :

It doesn't look that good so far but I'm working on it (when I have some time).


Now I can control Konoko using the mouse or joystick ! Here are some snaphots of Konoko moving in the fog, with stencil shadows:

If you actually zoom in, you'll see there's actually detail textures out there. Here's an example on the subdivided jeans :

Closer to Konoko

Obviously the detail texture is not exactly appropriate, and should be replaced with a better one. But you get the idea : it's possible and it looks better. The main problem actually, is that the original diffuse textures are quite small and, well, boring. To enhance the visual quality, the first thing to do would be to replace them with bigger and better ones instead of trying to cheat using artificial detail textures, which just fail to hide the underlying baldness. Well. I'll have to do with it I guess. If some of you want to contribute some new Konoko textures, you're welcome.


A very, very cool thing is that all characters in the game share the same skeleton (they're all made of 19 bones). Hence, it becomes possible to apply Muro's moves to Konoko ...!!! This looks excellent :) I'll try to post a demo later when I get some time to polish the controls, motion-blending, collision detection, and so on. Hell, here's a game I would have loved working on ! (Need someone for Oni 2 ? Or is it already called STRIDENT ?...)


As I was saying, we can apply any move to Konoko. As an example, here's Konoko performing a combo from Mukade. It definitely looks like DragonBall to me..............You can't see it in the snapshot but now I can move Konoko pretty much as in the original game, and with the same combos. The head follows the mouse as in Oni, weapons can be attached to the body automatically, the camera smoothly follows Konoko when she moves, etc.


Motion blur definitely rocks ! I think I'm in for a mix between Oni, Max Payne, Thundercats, Sonic and Goldrunner .....!

Move like a feline

Dodge this

Run like a Thundercat

Punch fast

Kick me quick

And it's even better with some envmap :


Revisited weapons : more polygons, env-mapped. Power of shaders !


Ok, I unified my character code : now both (modern) skinned characters and (old, Tomb-Raider-like) non-skinned ones use the same pipeline. Which basically means all my old code can now be applied to Konoko, I can move her in an arbitrary 3D world, and everything works fine.

The world is an old mesh from the DOS days (done in 3D Studio 4, not MAX, years ago). Which explains why it looks a bit out-of-date. It's still cute nonetheless, and perfect to stress an engine.


Barabas has never been so sexy, uh.

And Shinatama actually can fight :


Ok, time to move to more complex stuff. There's more to a game than displaying some meshes. So here's a first test for character-vs-character interaction. Collision detection quickly becomes tricky here so I'm not sure how I'll finally handle that. For the moment I just re-used my old libs : ZCollide quickly sweep-and-prunes the global list of boxes, Opcode detects the real collision down to the triangle level.

So it was easy for two characters, but I don't know how it's going to scale for 50. (Ah, yeah, I forgot to tell the goal was - of course - epic battles with a lot of vilains to kick-and-punch ! Something like Metal Kura probably.....). There's actually a massive slowdown in ONI as soon as 4 or 5 characters are involved in a fight, so I expect some technical problems to appear before long.... Meanwhile, here's how the collision structures look like. I use a LSS for the character / world collision, and OBBs for character / character.

 This is just a rough, first test of course. By-the-way, yeah, here's Muro !


Some more shots with everything enabled (motion blur, weapons, controls, collision, motion blend, envmaps, shadows.....)



Many people asked whether the project was dead. It's not. But I just don't have time to work on this.... So it goes very slowly.

I've been recently revisiting my physics code, so here are two snapshots including physics (well, ok, you can't really see it...) Looks like Havok, moves like Havok.... but that's not Havok, that's my own code. Basically, here you can kick and punch boxes and they react as expected. Got the idea (and the MAX warehouse mesh) from a Havok video and a Havok demo, respectively....

Havokonoko !

Ready to kick


Here's a little demo including Konoko and some boxes.....

Click the picture to download the demo.


Ok, here's like the first official "Konoko Payne" snapshot :

This is the same as in the demo above, but more advanced :

I think I'll start to do some fighting tests la Power Stone, there are some great gameplay ideas to try here.... 



Here are two little, old, snapshots :



Sorry, I don't have enough time to work on this project.  I said 10 years, remember ?



Work in progress: http://www.codercorner.com/KonokoPayne_WIP_03_2004.rar


Work in progress: http://www.codercorner.com/Anims.rar


New screenshot :



Work in progress: http://www.codercorner.com/KonokoPayne_WIP_June_04_2005.rar

New screenshot


Work in progress: http://www.codercorner.com/KonokoPayne_WIP_January_2006.rar

Work in progress: http://www.codercorner.com/KonokoPayne_WIP_February_2006.rar

Work in progress: http://www.codercorner.com/KonokoPayne_WIP_April_2006.rar

Work in progress: http://www.codercorner.com/KonokoPayne_WIP_November_2006.rar



Here is a new screenshot. It's inside the atmospheric processor (a level from Oni) that I recently "converted" to my engine. In other words, I manually portalized it, added glowing elements, new objects like the flying sentinels in the screenshot, etc. Also notice the new weapon! (work in progress)



Work in progress: http://www.codercorner.com/KonokoPayne_WIP_May_2007.rar




Work in progress: http://www.codercorner.com/KonokoPayne_WIP_February_2008.rar

Work in progress: http://www.codercorner.com/KonokoPayne_WIP_April_2008.rar

Work in progress: http://www.codercorner.com/KonokoPayne_WIP_April_2009.rar

Work in progress: http://www.codercorner.com/KonokoPayne_WIP_May_2009.rar

Work in progress: http://www.codercorner.com/KonokoPayne_WIP_June_2009.rar

Work in progress: http://www.codercorner.com/KonokoPayne_WIP_August_2009.rar

Better, later....


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