The evolution of PhysX - Index

Part1: PEEL

Part2: Rigid bodies (box stacks)

Part3: Rigid bodies (convex stacks)

Part4: Rigid bodies (piles)

Part5: Rigid bodies (compounds)

Part6: Rigid bodies (meshes)

Part7: Joints

Part8: Raycasts vs simple shapes

Part9: Raycasts vs meshes

Part10: Sweep tests

Part11: More sweep tests

Part12: Final test and conclusion


3 Responses to “The evolution of PhysX - Index”

  1. Yarmin Says:


  2. Erwin Coumans Says:

    Wait for Bullet 3.x, there will be a multi-threaded CPU version too :)

  3. Thomas Young Says:

    To be really fair you should wait to compare PhysX 3.3 with Bullet 3.3, apples and oranges otherwise. ;) cialis